Calianno Durational Index and Categories (CDIC)

The Calianno Durational Index and Categories (CDIC) is a method to clearly indicate an approximate duration for a new musical work.  For example: "Compose a piece no more than ten minutes in duration" can now simply be expressed as: "Compose a Category III piece." More expressive possibilities, including a means to express potency, is forthcoming.

Miniatures: Cat. N: 0-3 minutes

Common Works: Cat. I: 3-6 Cat. II: 5.5 - 9 Cat. III: 9-13

Significant Works: Cat. IV: 14-21 Cat. V: 21-44 Cat. VI: 44-90

Evening Length Works: Cat. VII: 90+

Cat[x]a = comprised of wholly unique and substantial parts that can be played apart from the set, whose individual duration is less than Cat but when added together will equal Cat.  E.g. IVa would be a suite of pieces - like a collection of preludes, nocturnes, etc.