for soprano and pierrot quintet

Commissioned by the Nouveau Classical Project

Sororatorio is a setting of the now infamous Delta Gamma ex cathedra email written by former chapter president Rebecca Martinson. 

What attracted me to the text (as I’m sure what drew most people), was the fact that Martinson made no attempt to massage the message of her caustic tantrum into concise, affable pleasantries — instead her message is charmingly unadulterated, expressively raw and ridiculously vulgar: in other words, vitriol befittingly expressed in the colloquial parlance of our times.  Regardless of how you interpret the text — vapid or profound — her message is absofuckinlutely clear: she is angry as fuck. 


1.   A Rough Fucking Ride
2.   Flying Fucks
3.   The Opposing Fucking Team
4a. Oh So So Sad
4b. A Weird Shit That Does Weird Shit
5.   A Goddamn Boner


Soprano (also plays Glockenspiel, Marching Bass Drum, and Otamatone), Flute (also plays Piccolo and Vuvuzela), Clarinet (plays Bb, Bb Bass, and Vuvuzela in A), Piano (also plays Police Whistle), Violin (also plays Gragger), Violoncello (also plays Vuvuzela)


20 Minutes


9 April 2015
Nouveau Classical Project
Flamboyan Theatre — New York, New York