for solo percussionist playing an array of 12 bass drums

MEN should be loud and violent throughout. For greater effect, the piece may be amplified and made as loud as possible by whatever means necessary. Should theatrics be involved, the percussionist should perform the piece nude (or semi-nude) and be bathed in extremely bright and hot white light. Should the performer be uncomfortable with little attire, the piece may be performed wearing a white cotton t-shirt and army green pants. The title of the work should always be written in capital letters.


Ideally: 4 Low Tom-Toms (±16”), 4 Small “Marching” Bass Drums (20” - 32”), 1+ Kick Drum(s) with pedal (20” - 26”), 2 Large Concert Bass Drums (36”), 1 Extremely Large Bass Drum (36”+), Metallic Police Whistle


7 Minutes


18 March 2010
Zack Penckofer – Percussion
Smith Hall — Urbana, Illinois