When I Dream, Some Letters Fall Out of My Mouth to Make a Word

for string trio and electronics

Commissioned by the International Contemporary Ensemble

When I Dream, Some Letters Fall Out Of My Mouth To Make a Word was composed for the International Contemporary Ensemble in the fall of 2013. Like my other recent pieces, I have chosen to explore cinematic and literary genres (most recently the western and the noir) in something I like to call “novella form” — Americana that is unapologetically direct, insincerely nostalgic, keenly self-aware, and outrageously maverick in display.

In this piece, stories (fictitious and non-) have been lifted from a collection of imagined shorts about the city of Chicago; in other words, lifted from memories of Chicago I never had. 


No. 41.    The Long Count
No. 89.    Save Ferris
No. 04.    Vr
No. 112.  L’Inconnue de la Seine 


Violin, Viola, Violoncello,Stereo Playback with Discreet Click Track


11 Minutes


10 November 2013
International Contemporary Ensemble
Chicago Cultural Center — Chicago, Illinois