Vincent Calianno is an award-winning composer and sound designer for the concert hall, film and new media. His music “blurs the boundaries between fine art and popular culture,” according to VICE magazine, and has been performed and recorded by ensembles worldwide.


Commissioned by Chamber Music America for the Thalea String Quartet, A History of the String Quartet in its Natural Habitat tests the bounds of the string quartet genre by examining the history of recorded sound, the technological progression of electronic music, and the role of the string quartet in the 21st century. Scored for string quartet and electronics, the piece blends vintage electronics, musique concrete, and spoken word monologues while referencing moments of new music in the 20th century as points of musical departure.

A Painted Devil is the latest collaboration with choreographer Claire Hancock and the Artifact Dance Project in Tucson. The score weaves together music for percussion, piano, string trio and electronics to accompany the demise of a wounded Union soldier.

Set in the south during the Civil War, a soldier is brought into a sheltered seminary for young ladies. Jealousy, of course, ensues.



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