To Boston for Sex

for septet or pierrot sextet

Initially subtitled "a velocitic car piece for buddy," To Boston for Sex is like a brusque and dangerous car ride into the night; a serpentine and primitive moto perpetuo teeming with remembered teen angst and jealousy (the original version when I was, this revision came later in 2008), kind of like new music screamo.

Now, many years later, having overcome those ridiculous angst-ridden years, I find it fascinating how much style from this piece has surprisingly informed much of my later and current music. Unlike now, where I prefer to create heterophonic textures that are blurred, distorted and nuanced, the stark monophony of To Boston for Sex is raw, muscular and primitively rude.


Version 1 (Pierrot Sextet):
Flute, Clarinet (plays Eb, Bb and Bb Bass) or Saxophone (Alto and Bari), Percussion (Marimba & Bongo), Piano, Violin, Violoncello

Version 2 (Original Septet Version):
Flute, Alto Saxophone (doubles Bari), Percussion (Timpani, Marimba, Bongo), Piano, Violin, Violoncello, Contrabass


8 Minutes


27 June 1998
Ensemble: 451
Ars Nova 4 Festival — Buffalo, NY