Three Places in Pennsylvania

for alto saxophone and piano


Three places started out with Dxtyum, sert which I wrote in 15 minutes last May (1999) before a Rocketchrist concert. Surprisingly, the 27 second beguine for sax and piano turned out to be pretty cool and this led Dave Reminick to ask me to write him two more short pieces to be collected under one title.  

Three places in Pennsylvania is about three historic places in Pennsylvania that have been overlooked following the Civil War.  Dxtyum,sert is 20 miles north of Pittsburgh where the famous "Apple tree of Goodwill" grows.  East Mandible is in the northeast quadrant of the southwest corner of Mandible county in mid-PA near Beaver Lick, PA.  It is the site of a famous duel between two famous Confederate lieutenants. Terror Heights is in Erie county.  It is the site of the haunted house owned by 19th century mad scientist, Moses Rosenberg.


I. Dxtyum,sert 
II. East Mandible 
III. Terror Heights, PA 


Eb alto saxophone and piano 


5 mins.


14 April 2000 
Warner Concert Hall, Oberlin OH 
Dave Reminick - Saxophone    Mike Gallope - Piano