Six Pieces - Sixty Minutes - Six Months

My composing room in Brooklyn.

I've decided it was time to start posting again. I have to write four pieces in the next four months, ranging from a solo piece through orchestra in size.  In addition, I have two other pieces that have perpetually been on the back burner for years.  4+2 = yes, that is six.  My plan is to finish all of these within six months.  Each piece is going to be roughly 10 minutes in duration [CDIC Cat. III, cf. ] – meaning 60 minutes.

Here is a rundown (along with due dates):

  1. Untitled Orchestra Piece - for NYU Symphony - Due 17 February 2014.
  2. Sororatorio - for the Nouveau Classical Project  - Due late February-ish.
  3. Untitled Viola and Electronics Piece - for Hannah Hens-Piazza - Due March.
  4. on the Death of Msgr. X (tombeau) - for Zoe Weiss (Gamba & electronics) - Due ?
  5. the Robot Sakura - for Phyllis Chen (Toy piano & electronics) - Due a long time ago.
  6. eyeliner ashtray - for Erik Carlson (Violin solo) - Due a fuck of a long time ago.

A while ago someone told me about a photographer who was "lost."  The artistic lost that every artist finds themselves in: "Who the fuck am I - and what the fuck am I doing?" Their teacher suggested that they go take 1,000 photographs over a short period of time.  As the photographs piled up, something about their style, their modus operandi, their presence began to slowly reveal itself.  Perhaps, somewhere in this project, I can reveal the same thing to myself — or to you.

I hope to post regularly, updating my progress and exposing the stress, fatigue and bullshit that goes into writing music.  Comments are always welcome. So are letters of support.  In a few days, I will begin and the clock starts.

Stay tuned...

Yours, vc in brooklyn.