for string orchestra


Somnium was originally the first movement of a three part suite for string orchestra.  I remember having brought a ridiculous score to my orchestra teacher that combined Penderecki-like effects and text from the communion part of the catholic mass (in latin of course).  It looked like this:

He took some time to look at it and responded with that the music was reminiscent of music that might accompany a black mass.  

Unfazed, I went home, wrote some more music and appended this piece to the two other movements and submitted it to him again.  Once again, he responded with a no.

Eventually, my high school orchestra ended up playing only the first movement.  Looking back at it now, two main elements still remain in my music today:  that pulse and my obsession with 014.


String Orchestra 


3 mins.


19 May 1994
CHS Orchestra 
Clarence, NY