Contained here are pieces that have since been retired from my 'official' catalogue of works. While this is not a comprehensive list of retired pieces, these contained herein are ones that I (and some close friends) still remember fondly and enjoy listening to. Overall, they are representitive of the musical direction I was taking at different points in my life. Some of them are still surprisingly good - others (especially the ones from my adolescence) are ridiculous, but show promise (i think).

Clicking on the piece title will bring you information about the piece as well as audio clips. Most of them contain audio. I hope you enjoy. Comments are welcome.

Elyria-O (1998, rev. 2000)
for 5 contrabasses and chamber ensemble

Schucktophonic Clint (2002)
for scratchensemble

Composition #167 (2001)
for toy piano & five instruments

pachysandra (2001)
for flute, piano, violin & cello

Three Places in Pennsylvania (2000)
for alto saxophone & piano

Christmas in India & The Flying Buttresses of Tokyo (2001)
for viola, violoncello and piano

Megablastulatron 4900 or: Scharold can kiss my ass
for sax, drums, piano, synth & cello

for chamber orchestra

slobodan milosevic (2000)
concerto for chainsaw & orchestra

i met her in the garden where the pratties grow (2000)
for dectet


namtaB (1998)
for 3 pianos, 120 digits

Heaven-O? (1998)
anti-encore for trombone & orchestra

Despedida (1998)
for voice, bowed piano, guitar & bass

Nothinghead (1998)
anti-concerto for violin & small orchestra

Learning to love my Pancreas (1998)
anti-concerto for bass clarinet & small orchestra

Modern Day Kama Sutra Techniques (1998)
for chamber ensemble

My ulna was an omphalos to the night (1998)
for piano & drumset

Pulp Piano (1998)
concerto for piano & unspecified ensemble

inside - dying (1998)
for cello & piano

your eyes were drawn curtains remembering (1998)
for cello, percussion & piano



There will come soft rains... (1997)
for oboe and string quintet

Llanto (1997)
for speaker, flute, cello & contrabass

For Allen Ginsberg (1997)
for countertenor & chamber orchestra

and into nothing i spoke of nothing (1997)
for piano solo

While I was dreaming about the rat there were 43 atomic blasts emanating from the Palisade hills 69 paces south of the Rubricon (1997)
for unspecified ensemble

The Plasticine Dreamer (1997)
for septet



Anamneses (1996)
for organ

tv baby
for wind ensemble

Sette Cante (1996)
for speaker, dancer, cello & piano

When Death smiled at our doorstep (1996)
for two violoncelli



Vinnie Music No. 1 (1995)
for percussion, harmonica, piano & two celli

Epitaphion (1995)
for piano & string quartet



Threnos (1994)
for string orchestra

Moonstruck (1994)
for piano solo

Danse Macabre No. 1 (1994)
for piano, cello & tape

Somnium (1994)
for string orchestra

Symposium (1993)
for violoncello solo

Sonata for three percussion instruments, Op.1 (1992)
for snare drum, bells & piano