Learning to Love My Pancreas

an anti-concerto for bass clarinet and small ensemble


Conceived as an anti-concerto, i.e. where the soloist should not know how to play the instrument (but should be able to improv. with whatever sounds they get), Learning to love my Pancreas was the first of a series of four. In high school, I decided one day to learn to play the bass clarinet. I was not successful, but the sounds I did make stuck in my head and were the main impetus behind writing this piece.


I. Pancrehaggia  
II. Bilis atra 
III. De la selva del vomito


Bass Clarinet Solo, Flute, Percussion, Piano, Violin, Cello, Bass


15 mins.


March 1998 
Warner Concert Hall 
Oberlin, Ohio 
Zach Layton - Bass Clarinet