Not very productive, though I thought it would be; feeling tired and drained.  Have the house to myself for a week, so I figured it would be a perfect time to get as much done as humanly possible before heading back to NYC.  Stopped at the art store to buy more supplies. Purchased a Pentel Hi-Polymer Eraser – I highly recommend it!

• • •

Also, started tooling around with mimicking the handwritten Schott scores.  Particularly Die Soldaten. Doesn't look too bad, though I still can't figure out how to write a god damned quarter rest after all these years.

  My new favorite eraser.

My new favorite eraser.

Schott manuscript experiment: Original (R) and my version (L).

Day 20:

11:45  – Wake up. Drink Coffee.  Shower.  Smoke a few cigarettes wondering how I can bridge the gap between m.24ish and what comes after.  Need to have more space between the entrance of the rest of the orchestra.  That is today's plan along with expanding the 'what comes after.'  At that point I'll have two minutes – then, 8 more fucking minutes to go.  Fuck.

14:00 – Shovel the driveway. Eat lunch. Watch a few episodes of Game of Thrones. Take a nap.

18:30 – Make some tea.  Sit down and begin...

Where I am this morning.  Pages 1-4.
Where I am this morning. Pages 1-4.