Notebook sketch of the hypothetical last (and missing) movement of Michael Jackson.

WEEK SIX — Lost endings (and parts) of Michael Jackson

Up until a few days before the deadline to finish the piece, Michael Jackson was supposed to have five movements.  The last movement was to be quiet, distant, slow all to avoid the "big ending."  The title was: against love, against live, against being.

It was to be connected to the ending of mo. 4, and begin without pause.  On the left is a sketch of what that movement would have looked like, if it was written.

Musically, the actual ending would have sounded like this:

Attempt 1: Fifth movement with random tuba blasts ending:


Attempt 2: The final version of the ending:


Out of time, I scrapped what I had of the 5th movement and tried to find an ending to the fourth movement, which would now be the last. My first attempt was to merge an older experiment into the ending:


This didnt seem to work, so I chose to go with an idea I had from when the piece was still about phamaceuticals.  Thus, the piece's current ending.

There also some music that never made it into the piece.  This part was to come immediately after the second movement:


I threw it away.  It sounded to filmy.

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